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Explaining some of the most important aspects about Anastrozole

Anastrozole is a medication used to treat several forms of cancer. One of the brand names at which it is sold is Arimidex. It has a few risks for pregnant women, and also it is part of the anti-doping classification for sports people. However, it also has a few advantages that have made a lot of people interested in it.

Why do some sports people consume Anastrozole in the United Kingdom?

Most bodybuilders face a problem when consuming extra testosterone: this can lead up to high estrogen levels. There are a few problems that can be caused by the excess of this hormone. Some of them include:

  • Low sex drive
  • Gynecomastia

Anastrozole is a drug that normally is employed to treat breast cancer and other kinds of this disease. One of the ways at which they work is that they inhibit the production of estrogen. This is a reason why many bodybuilders are using Anastrozole nowadays alongside their primary testosterone consumption. It is also important to mention that right now the average cost of Anastrozole is approximately $3 per pill.

What can this drug do for bodybuilders, and what do Anastrozole patients review say?

The primary method used by bodybuilders to build high muscle mass is to take testosterone and some derivative of this hormone. However, as it happens in virtually everything related to medications, drugs and other types of chemicals there can be some side effects.

Testosterone has the disadvantage that it carries a higher production of estrogen. This is a hormone primarily responsible for producing the sexual features in women, such as the development of breasts, production of ovules, and more. However, every man also has a certain amount of estrogen, which obviously is far lower than the one present at women.

When this hormone is produced in a male body in a higher than normal amount, this can lead to the development of certain features more associated with females, such as gynecomastia. In the case of bodybuilders, this can result in the exact opposite effect of what they want.

One of the drugs that works better to solve these problems is Anastrozole. People from the United Kingdom and other places of the world consume it, this is a type of drug used primarily in cancer patients, and it works primarily by blocking estrogen. In general bodybuilders and patients have reviewed Anastrozole in a very good manner.

Understanding how Anastrozole works

People who consume Anastrozole, including bodybuilders, will reach its peak concentration level at approximately three hours since its consumption. However, this can vary greatly between 2 hours and 12 hours. Eventually, it is possible to reach a steady-state within 7-10 days of uninterrupted consumption.

People in general need between 40 and 50 hours to go through one half-life cycle of anastrozole. In general, this means that a single pill per day can be enough to achieve the desired effect. More than 80% of this chemical is eliminated through the liver, and slightly more than 10% is released through the kidneys by urine.

Distribution of Anastrozole in the United Kingdom

Anastrozole is distributed in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world under the commercial name Arimidex. The dosage of Anastrozole is 1 mg contained in oral tablets.

Administration of Anastrozole

People who consume this hormone should take one pill per day. This equals to an Anastrozole PCT dosage of about 1 mg daily. It is important to mention that it doesn’t matter to consume this medication with or without food, as it doesn’t affect the absorption of the chemical in the body.

Side effects of Anastrozole

There are a few side effects that appear with the consumption of Anastrozole by bodybuilders or the general public with an incidence higher than 10%. They include nausea, vomiting, hot flashes or asthenia. There are some serious side effects but with a far smaller incidence (less than 0.1%). Some examples are skin reactions, allergic reactions or hepatitis.

Some precautions to consider when taking Anastrozole

If any of the aforementioned effects appear, it is important to consult a doctor or attend an emergency service. The consuming and buying Anastrozole must always be done under medical supervision. Some hypersensitivity reactions to this medication include anaphylaxis or urticaria.

How does Anastrozole interact with other drugs?

As of this time, no significant interactions between Anastrozole and other drugs have been discovered. There have been a few interactions observed with tamoxifen. However, they are not clinically or statistically significant.

Who should not consume Anastrozole?

As it happens with many drugs, people who have shown allergic reactions with Anastrozole in the past should not consume this medication. Also, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not consume it under any circumstance.

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