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Many people in the United Kingdom are consuming Letrozole

Letrozole is a substance that acts as an aromatase inhibitor. In other words, it is employed mostly by women who have suffered breast cancer, and of course intend to prevent it from reappearing in the future. In general it enjoys a high level of success, meaning that most patient reviews about Letrozole tend to be quite positive.

However, this drug has also found its use in the bodybuilding community. Here Letrozole can treat gynecomastia in people who are using anabolic steroids, with a high degree of success. This, combined with the low price overall of Letrozole, have made a lot of people take it into account when attempting to find a medication that can combat some unwanted side effects of anabolics.

Sports people in the United Kingdom have found a good supplement in Letrozole

As previously said, sometimes there are unwanted side effects that appear after the use of anabolics in the human body. Sometimes the users can suffer gynecomastia and the development of other female features that can defeat the purpose of employing anabolics in the first place. For this reason, a large majority of people who consume anabolics for various purposes have decided to buy Letrozole and similar drugs as a supplement that they consume on a permanent basis alongside their primary stimulant. In general the drug is quite popular throughout the entire world. In other words, people from the United Kingdom or virtually any other country out there tend to consume it in similar volumes.

Why do bodybuilders like Letrozole?

There are a few aspects of this drug that have made it appealing to bodybuilders. For example, it has shown to significantly reduce the process of gynecomastia when using anabolics. Of course, there are other alternatives out there that can serve the same purpose. However, Letrozole’s cost has made it more appealing than similar options currently existing in the market.

How does Letrozole act in the body?

Once Letrozole has been consumed, the substance will work in preventing the production of estrogen. This main effect can last for a few days after the consumption of the drug has been stopped, as it has a half-life that can exceed a few days. This cycle possessed by Letrozole is comparable to the one expressed by medications of this kind.

The primary organ responsible for metabolizing it is the liver, with a few traces of it going all the way to the kidneys. It is eventually excreted through feces and urine. Also for this reason, it is important to not consume a higher than indicated dose of Letrozole, as liver inflammation can occur in some cases.

When Letrozole is used?

Most of the time this medication is employed when someone has suffered breast cancer, and intends to avoid this disease to reappear in the future. Also, it can be useful in other circumstances where it is necessary to reduce the production of estrogen.

How much Letrozole should be consumed?

In general Letrozole pills come up in two formats. There are those that include 0.5 mg, and those with a higher dose of 2.5 mg. Considering this wide variety of Letrozole dosages, the actual amount that will be consumed by each person can vary greatly.

How is Letrozole distributed in the United Kingdom?

As of this moment, the only way at which Letrozole is distributed is to orally consumable pills. The specific Letrozole dosage in these forms of distribution are of a few milligrams. No Letrozole injections are available.

Side effects of consuming Letrozole

As always, there are a few side effects to take into account when consuming Letrozole. In general the medication tends to be well tolerated by the body. However, there are a few instances, whose severity can vary greatly, where symptoms like the ones that will be mentioned below can arise:

  • Pain in the joints
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes

Some research has found a slight correlation between the consumption of Letrozole and the eventual apparition of osteoporosis in a few individuals. However, it only appears if the medication is consumed greatly over a long period of time. In any case, consumers of Letrozole in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world should consult a physician in case any uncomfortable or strange symptom appears.

Precautions to take into account when consuming Letrozole

It is recommended to avoid certain activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery when consuming Letrozole.

Interactions of Letrozole

The main interactions found where Letrozole is involved are with warfarin and cimetidine. However, it tends to not be significant in most cases.

Who should avoid Letrozole?

Due to its effects, pregnant and lactating women should avoid consuming the medication. Also, women who are about to reach menopausia are not recommended to consume it either.

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