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Why is Tamoxifen so used in the UK?

Tamoxifen is a substance that is hugely used in the UK and in other places around the world. In most cases it is employed in preventing or treating breast cancer. Here Tamoxifen has obtained good patient reviews. However, it has also been employed in sports and bodybuilding circles as a modulator for estrogenic effects.

Tamoxifen and athletes

Despite being banned in all sports organizations around the world, the truth is that many people employ anabolics and androgen substances to improve their performance, gain more muscle mass, and get a higher overall strength. However, these anabolics can come with side effects that include estrogenic ones. Here is where estrogenic modulators like Tamoxifen enter the game, by drastically reducing these kinds of effects and helping the athlete to achieve his goals.

Do bodybuilders use Tamoxifen in the UK?

While Tamoxifen is one of the most researched drugs in this realm, the truth is that the price of Tamoxifen might scare a few bodybuilders away, who might want to find more economic alternatives instead. However, still a considerable number of

However, a significant number bodybuilders have used Tamoxifen at some moment, as they feel that it can be a safer alternative in combating the estrogenic effects that some anabolics can produce.

What does Tamoxifen do in the body?

The full extent of what Tamoxifen does in the body is quite complex. However, to summarize, it regulates the estrogen receptors in order to decrease the effects produced by this hormone. After an individual has consumed a pill of Tamoxifen, it will travel all the way to the intestines where it is absorbed. The average half-life cycle of Tamoxifen is slightly less than a week.

Most of Tamoxifen is expelled from the body through feces. However, small amounts can also be observed in urine.

When is Tamoxifen prescribed?

This medication is recommended mostly for people who have recently suffered breast cancer. Also, it can help in inducing ovulation, therefore, helping with infertility problems.

Doses of Tamoxifen

The actual dosage of Tamoxifen that a certain individual will consume can vary greatly. Regardless if it is employed for medical or sport reasons, no individual should take more than 20 mg per day. The cost of tamoxifen varies depending on which variation of the pill is purchased.

Formats of Tamoxifen

In most countries around the world, the substance can be encountered in pills. The dosage of Tamoxifen available in them is usually 10 or 20 mg.

Side effects of Tamoxifen

One of the most frequent Side effects is hepatotoxicity. At the same time, there have been a few instances of thrombosis and stroke. A few scientists have also found a correlation between endometrial cancer and the consumption of Tamoxifen. Therefore, it is essential to keep the consumption of this drug under constant vigilance.

Precautions when taking Tamoxifen

Liver functions should be kept under strict vigilance when consuming Tamoxifen. At the same time, people with a history of thrombosis or other cardiovascular problems, should get advice from a medical professional before consuming this drug.

Interactions of Tamoxifen

There are certain SSRI antidepressants that can reduce the effect of Tamoxifen in the body. Also, some anti estrogens might weaken the effects of this drug too.

Who should avoid buying Tamoxifen?

There are a number of people that must not take Tamoxifen unless explicitly recommended by a doctor. They include:

  • People with liver problems
  • Individuals with a history of deep-vein thrombosis
  • Some cardiovascular diseases

As always, do not hesitate to ask a physician in case of having any doubt, in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

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