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A fat burner preparation is employed in sports nutrition for drying, that is, to shrink the fat layer, which obstacles muscle relief delineation. That is these pharmaceuticals are employed both for weight loss and for drying, and the purpose of taking it is always the same – to reduce fat mass. This effect is achieved by different mechanisms of action on the body, basing on the kind of a fat burner.

Why do athletes take fat burners?

Every athlete, especially in a bodybuilding, starts with a high-calorie diet, which leads to gaining a layer of subcutaneous fat. Having achieved the desired results, the drying process begins. Drugs for burning subcutaneous fat come into battle to reduce the volume of body fat, boost endurance during training, activate metabolic proceedings, assist to better outline muscle fibers.

Bodybuilding fat burner: types available in UK and effects on the body

There are the following substantial kinds of such supplements:

  •         Thermogenics that heighten body temperature and speed up metabolism;
  •         Supplements that suppress appetite;
  •         Blockers of fats and carbohydrates that work by blocking the hormone that metabolizes fat;
  •         Diuretics are considered very effective, but have a short-term effect and are therefore more suitable for drying before competition.

How the fat burner acts

Substances contained in fat burners re-perform the actions of adrenal hormones and medulla. The components present in them affect the muscles, thereby forcing their work at times.

Dosages Fat burner and price

First, one needs to understand how the additive works, and to do this, start by looking at the product label. Each UK product is labeled with a serving size, recommendation and fat burner dosage. For example, most often manufacturers recommend taking 2 tablets a day, in the morning and after meals, but no later than lunchtime. Fat Burner cost varies depending on the product and package size, but, in average, it is quite moderate.

How to administer fat burners

To secure the administration of sports fat burners, follow these guidelines:

  •         choose a preparation from a well-known manufacturer;
  •         the cycle of admission must not exceed 1-3 months with a break of at least 2 weeks
  •         drink a lot of fluids
  •         Take vitamins at the same time
  •         If nausea, shivering, headaches or other negative reactions occur – stop taking the supplement.

Fat Burner patient reviews side effects

         When burning “bad” fats, these medicines also burn triglycerides, which are essential fatty acids for the body’s life and weight loss. In some cases, they can lead to protein burning.

Plus, it’s an unhealthy habit to purposefully boost your body’s metabolism. Fat Burner patient reviews evidence the raise of blood pressure and stress levels, and put stress on your heart and immune system. They can interfere with sleep and cause tremors and headaches, as well as dehydration.


Avoid eating these supplements on an empty stomach, as this can cause nervous system upset, stomach ache, and possible headaches. Also, they must not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Fat burners Interaction

The effect’s augmentation is realized through the fusion of the substances. The described composition is recognized as best fat burner option:

Thermogenic + Carbohydrate Blockers + Fat Blockers + Thyroid Stimulants + Cortisol Blockers + L-Carnitine

It is forbidden to combine fat-burning drugs of the same type. Such actions can harm health and not achieve the coveted result.

For whom fat burners are not recommended

Not advisable for people with diagnoses such as vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension and other heart problems, dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

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