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Cytomel: Basics and precautions

Cytomel is not an anabolic/androgenic steroid, it is a thyroid hormone. Its active component of is sodium liothyronine. It is distinguished by its immense speed of action to quicken metabolism and combat body fat.

Why do UK athletes take Cytomel?

Bodybuilding athletes betake this drug in order to “dry” through an intense speeding-up of the metabolism. They, naturally, receive increased lipolysis, that is, the process of quickened fat burning. 

Typically, athletes use Cytomel in preparation for championships, which assists them achieve an exceptionally low percentage of fat without recourse to low-calorie diet.

Cytomel in bodybuilding: effect on the body, contraindications and price to buy

Сytomel is not on the WADA banned list. The pills are used for recovery, weight loss and endurance enhancement. Their cost is relatively high in UK: starting from 270 £ per 20mcg.

Patient reviews of athletes taking triiodothyronine allow us to conclude that the drug is an effective fat burner. T3 speeds up metabolic activity, so that the body, even in the absence of physical activity, is able to burn a significant amount of calories. As a result, the volume of the fat layer is significantly reduced in a fairly short period of time.

Dosage Cytomel to administrate

It is very important to start with low dosages, which are added up slowly over several days. Most users begin with 25mcg per day and add to the dose one more every 3-4 days. The cycle should last no more than six weeks. It is necessary to leave the course smoothly and approximately 10 or 12 days before the end of the cycle, you should begin to reduce the dose of the pharmaceutical. The average dosage of it is 100 micrograms. It is essential to take the drug twice a day, 50 micrograms. It should be remembered that taking the hormone after 5 p.m. is undesirable. For women, the advisable  dosage is 50 micrograms.

How to take Cytomel properly

Whoever administers Cytomel for few weeks will lose muscle mass. With the simultaneous use of steroids, this process can be stopped or slowed down. The medication also involves an insignificant part of proteins in metabolic processes; a sufficiently high protein content in food should be monitored.

Side effects of Cytomel

Exceeding the concentrations of individual tolerance of liothyronine or overdosing, especially with a fast increase, can cause the following clinical manifestations associated with hyperthyroidism:

  •         palpitations,
  •         heart rhythm disturbances,
  •         internal anxiety,
  •         choking,
  •         excessive sweating,
  •         diarrhea,
  •         weight loss,
  •         mental disorders,
  •         phenomena of supersensitivity,
  •         a feeling of oppression in the region of the heart,
  •         sugar in urine, etc.

Precautions when taking Cytomel

Those who take it in high doses and for a long time are at risk of hypothyroidism emergence. In consequence, the athlete will be constrained to take thyroid medications forever.

Cytomel – Interaction with other drugs

Lessens the effect of hypoglycemic agents, enhances indirect anticoagulants, vasoconstrictor drugs. Using multivitamin with minerals together with liothyronine may lessen the effects of this preparation. Thyroid hormones cause increases in myocardial contractility and heart rate subsequently to increased metabolic demands and oxygen consumption. 

Who shouldn’t take Cytomel

The use of triiodothyronine is contraindicated in case of adrenal insufficiency, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocarditis, hyperthyroidism, hypersensitivity to the drug.

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