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Specifics of use of injectable steroids

Anabolic steroid are funds that stimulate “muscle nutrition” and building up weight by gaining muscle mass. Since these medicaments are derivatives of testosterone, then they have an androgenic effect.

Why do UK sportsmen take injectable steroids?

Most ambitious UK bodybuilders recourse to or have used anabolic steroids. They believe that steroids aid you get stronger and stronger. They love the aggressive feeling that comes with using these stimulants as it helps them train harder.

Injectable anabolic steroids benefit for bodybuilding

There are two categories of steroids, those that increase body weight through water retention, suitable for the bulking phase, and those that are used for the effect, that is, drying and hardening the muscle with cutting or definition.

How injectable steroids work

Injection steroids are administered intramuscularly, not intravenously. They are slowly released from muscle into the bloodstream, carried throughout the body, and can be detected several months after use. On a chemical level, injectable drugs are better absorbed by the body than oral ones. Simultaneously with the treatment with anabolic steroids, they give recommendations on nutrition: the diet should contain more than usual protein, trace elements (especially calcium), vitamins and other necessary “building” materials.

Dosages of injectable anabolic steroids

Dosages of steroids for medical purposes range from 2.5 mg to 400 mg per day every four weeks. Fully opposite is the independent use of steroids lacking the strictest medical supervision in violation of medical standards. Bodybuilders ingest 8-10 times more than the recommended medical rate of the substance and oftentimes combine different anabolic steroids. In typical dosage regimens, a sportsman administers from 20 to 2000 mg testosterone daily.

Side effects of injectable anabolic steroids

The mechanism of influence on the body of the injection steroids is multifaceted, and the spectrum of side effects are extremely wide: hypertension, acne, seborrhea, alopecia, increased libido, depression, development of atherosclerosis, gynecomastia in men and masculinization of women, hepatotoxicity, ischemia and hypertrophy of the myocardium, and after a long cycle decreased libido, impotence, addiction, infertility, testicular atrophy, depression, cancerous degeneration of liver cells. Anabolic injection steroids patient reviews evidence also psychological consequences that include:

  •         euphoria,
  •         aggression,
  •         irritability,
  •         nervous tension,
  •         changes in libido,
  •         mania and psychosis.

Injectable anabolic steroids’ interaction with other drugs

Treatment with anabolic steroids may necessitate for diabetics to adjust the dosage of insulin or other hypoglycemic drugs; in subjects treated with anticoagulants, an increase in the response to these drugs may be recorded such as to require a reduction in their doses to obtain the same level of therapeutic effect. Administration of corticosteroids or ACTH at the same cycle may occasionally cause edema.  It strengthens fluid retention in the body, provokes the risk of edema and the severity of acne.

Who should not take injectable anabolic steroids

         Women and children should not take anabolic steroids unless for medical treatment. In men, first of all, people with heart, liver, immune and psychiatric conditions, definitely, must not start the treatment.

Where to buy anabolic injection steroids and price

Since nowadays there exist over 100 the medical preparations, the injection steroids cost may also range substantially. Their distribution in UK is illegal, since they are controlled as Class C substances.

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