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As a professional athlete, each person should carefully monitor what drugs they use to increase physical activity and strength. Take well with Boldenone and Oxandrolone.

Testosterone suspension is an aqueous solution of a hormone that has no ether residue and is characterized by a maximum speed of onset of action. It cannot be detected in the blood already a day after application, therefore athletes often do these injections immediately before the competition.

Application features

Unlike a number of existing drugs of the steroid group, Testosterone suspension is distinguished by a high concentration of pure substance, since it does not contain ether in its composition. Therefore, it has an increased effect on the body, and experts recommend strictly observing the dosage, and also not to exceed the course of therapy.

Important! Due to the preservation of a high concentration of the hormone in the blood for 2-3 days, the drug should be injected into the muscles daily, at a dosage of 50-100 mg. More accurate doses are determined by the characteristics of the athlete’s body.
If necessary, experts allow the combination of the hormone with other anabolic agents in one syringe. To reduce the pain threshold, mixing with a solution of novocaine and lidocaine is also permissible. The maximum course is no more than 5 weeks with Trenbolone Hexa.

Instruction and main advantages

The use of Testosterone Suspension by athletes is associated with a number of inherent benefits, in particular:

  • minimum half-life;
  • maximum speed of manifestation of the effect;
  • minimal effect on the liver with strict adherence to the dosage and course of use;
  • positive effect on libido and sex drive.

Due to its pronounced anabolic properties and high rates of muscle growth, the hormone is in demand among professional athletes.

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