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Testosterone Enanthate 250 ml is an androgenic anabolic steroid in the form of an ester of the main male hormone, synthesized under laboratory conditions. To a greater extent, it is used by bodybuilders in order to accelerate the growth of muscle mass.

Effects and properties

After completing the course of Testosterone Enanthate with Turinabol, the athlete gains muscle mass faster, and also:

  • the coefficient of the indicator of strength increases;
  • the body’s recovery process improves after strenuous and difficult workouts;
  • physical overloads are prevented;
  • the tone, libido and oxygen content in the circulatory system increase;
  • pains in joints and spine are eliminated.

Due to these properties, many athletes decide to order the steroid Enanthate for the prevention of overtraining.

Method of administration and dosage of Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone dosage and course of administration should be clearly defined based on the personal characteristics of the athlete. But, in any case, he should follow the following recommendations:

  • the weekly use of the steroid Enanthate should not exceed 500 mg;
  • you need to put an injection 2 times a week in the gluteal muscles;
  • the duration of the course is 10 – 12 weeks.

Important! The effectiveness of the steroid Testosterone Enanthate increases with a protein diet and the use of special sports supplements with food.

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