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Specifics of oral steroids for muscle mass

Anabolic tablets are good because they have a short half-life, are rapidly diluted in the blood and its effect comes within an hour after taking it, which is why it can be quickly excreted from the body before the competition or just start faster after a therapy. Most often, steroid tablet cycles last no more than 8 weeks, because oral steroids negatively impact liver.

Oral steroids in UK in bodybuilding and their buy price

The range of oral steroids in tablets in UK is limited, many anabolics exist only in injections. Most often, preparations in capsules are used by beginners in the initial stages and professionals in combined cycle. The popularity of oral forms is due to the reasonable cost, ease of use, and the ability to hide during doping control.

How oral steroids work

17-alpha-alkylates and 1-methyls are taken orally are rapidly degraded in the liver and relatively fast excreted from the body, but steroids can be found in the body after several weeks after cycle termination.

When are oral steroids used?

In sports practice, anabolics make it possible to get a lot of advantages:

  •         Accelerate the process of gaining muscle mass several times;
  •         Slows down catabolism;
  •         Promote increased sexual activity;
  •         Saturate the body with strength, energy and endurance;
  •         Increases metabolic rate;
  •         They actively fight fat accumulation.

Dosages. Oral steroids

Oral steroids bodybuilding can be taken as prescribed by your physician or professional physical instructor. It is taken, mainly, together with food, but in case it creates any problems for the stomach then it can also be taken with milk. The dosage depends on the particular preparation, ranging from 20mg to 500mg.

How to take oral steroids

It is forbidden to take alcoholic products: this can cause intoxication and acute poisoning. For beginners, it is better to start therapy with one type and combine anabolic steroid with non-steroidal aids. Use the correct dosage, do not exceed the norm. Remember to train hard to be successful.

Side Effects of Oral Steroids

Deciding to take steroids, you must clearly understand all the potential negative effects after the course is terminated: prostate hypertrophy, testicular atrophy, decreased libido, and even infertility. During the period of taking of even the best oral steroids, increased irritability, an increase in blood pressure, and acne may appear. Oral medications contribute to liver damage.

Precautions when taking. Oral steroids

The following conclusions highlight the disadvantages of the oral form:

  •         Has a toxic effect on the liver and kidneys.
  •         You need to take more injections.
  •         Insufficient choice, many fakes.
  •         Lack of quality control.

Oral steroids’ interaction with other drugs

Treatment with anabolic steroids may make it necessary for diabetics to adjust the dosage of insulin or other hypoglycemic drugs; in subjects treated with anticoagulants, an increase in the response to these drugs may be recorded such as to require a reduction in their doses to obtain the same level of therapeutic effect.

Who shouldn’t use oral steroids

The preparation is contraindicated in confirmed or presumed pregnancy. Oral steroids patient reviews indicate their ability to produce masculinizing effects, which can be evident in women. Anabolic steroids are to be used with caution in subjects with prostate hypertrophy, if you have kidney or liver problems, long had high levels of calcium in your urine and blood.

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