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Turinabol steroid for gaining muscle mass

Turinabol is an extremely popular oral steroid with anabolic effects. The drug had appeared in Germany back in the 60s. It was originally used to improve the physical strength and speed of track and field athletes. When it proved its effectiveness in practice, both security officials and other athletes began to use Turinabol. However, in UK and around the world, anabolic steroids are prohibited for bodybuilding and improving athletic performance.

Why do athletes take Turinabol?

This drug is very much appreciated among athletes. It aids to achieve the key results in bodybuilding, namely:

  •         boosts the overall endurance of a sportsman;
  •         favorably affects muscle strength;
  •         allows to quickly build up the volume of muscles;

Another important property of the drug is its cumulative effect when taken. It does not act instantly, it takes time for it to manifest itself in full force, but the results last for a long time.

How Turinabol functionates

The time span of half-life of the oral form of the drug inside the body is about 16 hours. The drug has a low level of conversion to estrogens, moderately affects the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes axis, is highly toxic to the liver and can be detected in the blood structure during laboratory tests for up to 250 days. Therefore, performing athletes cannot “cycleTurinabol.

When is Turinabol administrated?

This medicinal product is great for sportsmen who have patience and are ready to wait for the gradual effect of the drug, thus it is not at all suitable for those who want an instant result. Turinabol patient reviews evidence that at the end of the course athletes will be able train with greater endurance than before, notice remarkable changes of the body, as a result, get a beautiful, dry, toned body.

How to take Turinabol: ingridients, dosage, forms and prices in UK

The main active ingredient is 4-chlorodehydroethyl testosterone. It may be found in form of pills and powder. In order not to encounter side effects, it is advised to take in the steroid in a dosage of 20-40 mg per day. The price of the pharmaceutical depends on which firm produces it and how many tablets are in the package. The Turinabol cost is low and anyone can buy these products at specialty stores, but keep in mind that it is a kind of “black market” in Britain.


Turinabol side effects and precautions

With long-term use, the steroids bring not only a positive, but also a negative effect: they affect the hormonal background, have a destructive effect on the liver, forcing them to take more and more additional drugs in order to maintain health.

Anabolic steroids are drugs that are not registered with the DHSC and have never been tested for safety. These drugs are taken without any medical supervision and therefore people taking them are exposed to high doses of the drug without any supervision.

Who shouldn’t take Turinabol

Contraindications to the use of Turinabol are:

  •         cancer and malignant tumors;
  •         atherosclerosis;
  •         Ischemic heart disease;
  •         nephrotic syndrome and nephritis;
  •         functional kidney / liver failure;
  •         prostatitis (both acute and chronic);
  •         pregnancy and lactation;
  •         the period before puberty.

Turinabol – Interaction with other drugs

You may stack Turinabol with other steroids but be careful so as to avoid any adverse interaction. When gaining mass, this drug is often used with testosterone, nandrolone, or another injectable drug that quickly grows mass and floods the muscles with water. Such a ligament is used in order to get better quality muscles. Naturally, in any combination, the dosage of it should be slightly less than when it is used solo.

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