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Hexarelin 2 mg Peptide Sciences

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HGH Frag 176-191 5 mg Peptide Sciences

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Gonadorelin 10 mg Peptide Sciences

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CJC 1295 DAC 2 mg Peptide Sciences

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CJC 1295 2 mg Canada Peptides


Ipamorelin 5 mg Canada Peptides


Melanotan 2 10 mg Canada Peptides


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Ipamorelin 5 mg Peptide Sciences

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Sermorelin 2 mg Peptide Sciences

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MGF IGF-1Ec 5 mg Peptide Sciences

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Follistatin-344 1 mg Peptide Sciences

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Guide to peptides and their use in Bodybuilding

These substances are amino-acid molecules linked together, thereby forming a peptide chain. Thanks to peptides, athletes quickly acquire the desired body mass and shape and other positive effects at the cellular level. Amino acid compounds, entering the body, improve the functioning of internal organs, heal damaged cells, strengthen the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

Why do athletes take Peptides?

The stresses caused be intense bodybuilding physical activity, lead to a decrease in protein synthesis in various organs and tissues, primarily in the brain, immune and endocrine systems. The use of peptide drugs in these cases restores protein synthesis in tissues exposed to extreme stress.

Peptides’ types and effect on the body

There are many varieties of peptides, but especially popular among athletes are GHRP and GHRH. These groups belong to growth hormone stimulants.

The first group of GHRP has a gradation for such peptides as:

  •         GHRP-2;
  •         GHRP-6;
  •         Hexarelin;
  •         Ipamorelin.

Let’s list their main effects: stimulation of the pituitary gland; lowering bad cholesterol; improving skin condition and weight gain; providing anti-inflammatory action.

The second group of GHRH includes:

  •         GRF (1-29) Sermorelin is considered the safest among the whole group, effecting muscle mass growth, fat decrease, strengthening of the immune system;
  •         CJC-1295 Somatocrinin stimulates the synthesis of not only growth hormone, but also a number of other biologically important substances;
  •         Testagen allows you to keep testosterone levels normal even with exhausting physical exertion, and the effect of the course lasts for 12 months.

How Peptides act

The same dosage will have different effects in different people. The combination of GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 can increase the secretion of growth hormone 7-15 times. Secondly, the effect differs between men and women: gonadorelin causes more testosterone to be produced, affecting the work of testicles, which women simply do not have.

Dosages of Peptides

Peptide cycle is individual for each athlete. The average duration of the course is from one to two months. The peptide dosage depends on body weight, as a rule, 1-2 μg is administered per 1 kg of body weight. Note! Regarding the determination of the dosage necessary for you, you should consult a specialist.

Where to buy peptides, price, and UK peptide patient reviews

If you want to be sure of using a quality product, you need to opt into the UK pharmaceutical market with high prices.  According to peptide patient reviews, the supplement has the following advantages:

  •         the peptide cost is lower than that of growth hormone;
  •         different effects of certain types of peptides on metabolic processes and hunger;
  •         there are no problems with buying supplements (peptides are not included in the list of potent substances, and are not prohibited for sale by law).

Side Effects of Peptides

Protein poisoning, that is an excess of proteins coming from outside, usually manifests itself in the form of liver damage. The unpredictability of the use of functional peptides is expressed in the fact that it is almost never possible to say in advance what the body’s reaction to the intake of these chemical compounds will be.

Peptides – Interaction with other drugs

Peptides make the cell work properly, and the body restores itself by normalizing work at the cellular level, and not artificially increasing the body’s performance by using forbidden reserves. Peptide bioregulators do not have a withdrawal syndrome and are compatible with any drugs.

Who shouldn’t be accepted. Peptides

Even best peptide has some contraindications, like individual intolerance to the drug, pregnancy, lactation, acute renal failure.

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