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Post cycle therapy in sport

Post cycle therapy (PCT) after using steroids is of great importance for any person and allows you to largely consolidate the achieved result and restore the natural functions of the body. It is better to start post-cycle rehabilitation by passing the necessary tests and, based on the clinical picture obtained, obtain a PCT scheme developed by a specialist. However, with one dose of drugs, it will not end. During the recovery period, a person needs to reconsider their physical activity and training schedule, and also very carefully approach the diet.

Why do athletes opt for Post Cycle Therapy?

TPC is critical for accelerating the rehabilitation of natural testosterone secretion after a cycle. So that you can continue to lead a normal life and avoid the side effects and symptoms of low testosterone. But the purpose is not necessarily to keep the earnings of steroid cycle, since it will be possible to secure what you would like naturally.

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Post-cycle therapy: influence on the body

Preferably, all post-cycle therapy cycles should be multi-component and contain several various substances cooperating with each other to provide the most effective and rapid recovery:

  •         Repairs and safeguards the prostate;
  •         Cleans and protects the liver, kidneys and other body systems;
  •         Turns down estrogen levels, inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen;
  •         Normalizes hormones, blood sugar, lowers bad cholesterol.

How to take Post Cycle Therapy

The key base of any PCT is the control of the athlete’s performance both before, on, and after the steroid cycle. The urgence of this aspect of PCT can hardly be overestimated. List of required analyzes:

      luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone;

      total testosterone;



      progesterone (if you take 19-nor steroids);

      blood biochemistry.

Precautions when taking PCT

Post cycle therapy patient reviews show that with spontaneous termination the likelihood of long-term endocrine harm to HPG axis is very high, as a result of which hypogonadism caused by anabolic steroids (incapacity to secrete normal amounts of Testosterone for the rest of life) can proliferate. Therefore, it is imperative to use proper PCT, comprising multiple drugs, in order not only to restore normal HPG axis function promptly, but also, which is much more important than maintaining newly gained muscle mass, to avoid any possible irreversible damage.

Post cycle therapy compounds

Drugs that are part of the best post cycle therapy may be:

  •         2 types of aromatization control drugs: in the first case, you inhibit the affect of estrogen on the receptors; other one involves preventing the aromatization process itself;
  •         Drugs that increase testosterone production: human chorionic gonadotropin;
  •         Medicined that block estrogen receptors;
  •         Sport nutrition;
  •         Hepatoprotection;
  •         Growth hormone;
  •         Drugs that help restore normal cholesterol levels;
  •         Pharmaceuticals aimed at stabilizing pressure;
  •         Drugs to lower cortisol levels;
  •         Insulin.

Who shouldn’t be administrate PCT

The contraindications for PCT preparations differ depending on the substance and post cycle therapy dosage . All of these courses are aimed at professional athletes who are taking powerful steroid therapy. For the PCT the most important stage is the delivery of for hormones, as well as hepatic and renal, ultrasound tests. And a qualified specialist who can read the tests and prescribe therapy.

Where to buy Post cycle therapy supplements in UK and prices

Post cycle therapy cost varies substantially specific to a supplement. You can buy them in UK in any sport nutrition shop. The range of offers is very ample, check carefully which supplements you really need with regard to your steroid cycle or other.

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