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Clomid is popular in the United Kingdom and in other places

Clomid is the trade name of the substance Clomiphene. Most of the time it is used in women who suffer infertility because they are unable to ovulate. However, it has also been employed to treat people who suffer hypogonadism. The effects that it produced can be somewhat similar to those produced by testosterone supplements.

Many women who have consumed Clomid have made positive patient reviews about it, as the medication can be highly successful in this realm. Bodybuilders also praise the ability of the substance to lead to higher muscle mass, and the cost of Clomid can be more economic than those of testosterone supplements, which makes it even more attractive.

Why do athletes buy and consume Clomid?

The fact that Clomid in the UK can be used for hypogonadism, among other problems, has made a lot of people wonder if it is possible to use it as a cheaper option to testosterone. In many cases people have achieved the effects that they desire, which means that the popularity of the substance has increased during recent years. However, for the same reason, many organizations are taking active measures to suppress its consumption by suspending sports people who employ it.

A higher muscle mass is one of the effects that can be caused by the consumption of Clomid, and bodybuilders want to achieve this in the first place. However, it is always essential to remember to make use of this substance with a high degree of care, and to ask a professional if at some moment problems start to appear.

What can Clomid do to bodybuilders?

The fact that Clomid is employed mostly in women who suffer infertility, has meant that not too many people think of this substance when making bodybuilding. However, the effects can be truly remarkable. The fact that this medication has also proven to be successful in cases of gynecomastia and also hypogonadism, means that it can have an effect similar to testosterone in building muscle mass. The price of Clomid has also made it appealing.

Understanding how Clomid works

Clomid most of the time is administered through pills. When the medication enters the body, it interacts with the hypothalamus, where it can reduce the production of estradiol. While it is not entirely clear how it works in this part of the brain, it is important to take into account that a relatively long half-life cycle is expressed by Clomid, which lasts around 5 days. Once the substance is consumed, it goes to the liver where it is processed by it. It has been encountered in feces up to 6 weeks after it was consumed for the last time. Higher levels of testosterone in the blood have been reported after a few weeks of consumption.

When is Clomid used most of the time in the UK?

In the UK Clomid is used a lot by women who suffer ovulation problems, and men who suffer gynecomastia and problems in their gonads are the primary patients of Clomid. Considering that over time it can increase the amount of testosterone in the body, it has also been a choice among bodybuilders and other people in the sports community.

What about the dosage of Clomid?

The average Clomid dosage included in a single pill is 50 mg, which is the daily dose that most physicians tend to prescribe. Of course, these numbers can vary greatly depending on the actual situation of the patient who is making use of it.

Consuming Clomid

The substance comes in pills with a Clomid dosage of 50 mg. No Clomid injections exist as of this moment. Most of the time people are prescribed to take one of these pills per day, but actual doses will depend on each patient’s case and needs.

Side effects of Clomid

The medication can have side effects that are similar to other medications related to the increase in testosterone levels. Some of the most frequent ones are listed below:

  • Hot flashes
  • Pelvic pain

There are a few studies that have found a correlation between Clomid consumption and ovarian cancer, therefore, it is always important to consume it under medical supervision. Seizure is another side effect that while rare, it can also be dangerous.

Precautions when taking Clomid

There are a few situations where it is important to pay attention. For example, if a liver disease is suspected, or if a woman has an unexplained vaginal bleeding, it is essential to ask a professional for advice on how to proceed with the consumption.

Interactions where Clomid can participate

In general it is not recommended to consume this medication when undergoing some kind of fertility treatment, as the different medications can interact between themselves.

Who should avoid Clomid

This medication should not be taken by pregnant women in any case. Also, people who are undergoing fertility treatments should avoid Clomid unless they are explicitly told to consume it by a health professional.

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